Epic Fail: Guitar marathon world record attempt fades out fast

Indian musician Sebastian Joseph's attempt to break the Guinness record for playing a guitar non-stop for 48 hours failed on Friday after he complained of health problems.

The guitarist was aiming for an incredibly ambitious (read: insane) for 60 hours playing at the Regional Theatre in Thrissur, Kerala, South West India on Thursday morning. After playing for eight hours he was permitted a 15 minute break. Things started to look like they were going downhill when Joseph reportedly took an extended break around 11:20 pm and didn't resume playing until 12:15 am.

He played for just five more minutes until 12:20 am and then said that he could not continue.

So just 52 hours short then - but we're not ones to judge. There's no way even we could drag Smoke On The Water out that long.

However Josph didn't even get as far as honouring the mighty Blackmore. He kicked off his attempt with the Malayalam song Keranirakaladum|, before going on to tackle nearly 200 Malayalam songs on his guitar - we're assuming they are pretty short in length - while being accompanied by an orchestra.

So who wants to try next then? Any takers?