SoundCloud goes public

SoundCloud: The Tour






For those of you who took advantage of our SoundCloud offer a few weeks ago - congrats, you've already been enjoying the high-quality service the guys at SoundCloud provide. However, if you missed out (you fool), don't get too upset, you can now join the slick music upload/download/sending/receiving service without an invite! Hooray! Watch video above for your pain-free initiation.

Now that the Beta period is over, SoundCloud have introduced new Pro accounts alongside the existing free ones, ranging from Pro Light at €9/m to Pro Max €59/m, all of which are available to try for 30-days, to see which is right for you. Check the site for your options.

And before you folk who got invited get in a huff, you'll be pleased to learn that, if you're lucky enough, anyone who already had an account might get a free Pro account for a limited period. Big thanks to Alex at SoundCloud for giving us the invites. These guys are just too good to you. Get over there now and get sending.

SoundCloud me!