Remix Dave Spoon in Future Music magazine.

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and grab the chance to remix House-meister, Dave Spoon and get your remix released on his brand new label, Televizion.

After the huge success of Dave Spoon and James Talk´s remix of Liquid´s anthem Sweet Harmony, Dave Spoon is looking for FM readers to take up the challenge and get to work remixing Liquid´s other classic tune, Liquid Is Liquid.

On our DVD in this month's issue you´ll discover a folder in our regular interviews section containing samples and loops from the record. Mr Spoon was keen to point out the strong chances of a release to the best entry we receive. “I´m looking for a remix that is purely for the dancefloor”, explains Spoon, “Dubstep and Drum ´n´ Bass could work just as well as the regular four-to-the-floor so I´m really interested to hear the different results.”

Not only will the winner get the chance to have their remixed version released, but also, courtesy of Propellerheads and their UK distributors Sound Technology, we are giving away a copy of the Premium Edition of Reason, which comes complete with all the Propellerhead Hypersampled ReFill sound libraries. Plus, Propellerheads are throwing in a Reason goodie bag to kit you out stilll further.

Closing date: 31st January 2009.