Messe Rumours 2008

OK, so it's that time of year again and we're gearing up to see what new delights will be launched at Music Messe 2008 in Frankfurt. We've been getting a few rumours that Clavia are going to announce a new product, but nothing as yet on what this might be. Nord Lead 4? Nord Wave Rack?

Also, Native Instruments are certainly going to announce something. Seems like everyone has their fingers-crossed (again) for a dedicated Traktor controller, but here at the FM camp we doubt that will be the case. Steinberg are also said to announce something new, we´re thinking more Yamaha-integrated hardware? Or is a new Cubase 5 ready, with Logic-matching price point? We´ll have to wait and see...

Other rumours include a brand-new unit to free-up your VSTs from an, as yet, anonymous company. Catch up with all the news here and in the amazing 200th issue of Future Music on Sale 11th April.