While messing around with everyone's favourite baby synth at the weekend, I discovered a little trick that might appeal to all you microKorg users. I downloaded the demo of Arturia's awesome Analog Factory 2.0 and was using my microKorg through a Uno MIDI-USB interface to play it as I don't have the dedicated controller.

Just as I started to map the controller knobs to the software, to my surprise, each knob was already mapped to the relevant controls in Analog Factory. Each channel the microKorgs CCs are sent on match that of the dedicated controller for AF, the only difference being that the four variable knobs on the AF controller aren't accessible through the microKorg as there aren't enough knobs. So you can control Volume, Cutoff, Resonance and Attack and Release instantly.

All in all, a great way to extend your microKorgs flexibility. Download the demo at Arturia's website and try it out for yourself.