Issue 180 - Autumn 2006

Kaoss returns

Kaoss returns


Korg Kaoss Pad 3

Exclusive first review of this hands-on effects unit

Audio Damage Reverence

This might be your best soft option if you're after a vintage plate reverb

Novation Remote Zero

This auto-mapping offering is sure to take control

Reason Pianos

Fancy tinkling the ivories? Now here's a good reason...

EXH Flanger Hoax

Another great looking pedal - from the kings of the boutique

Tascam DM-3200

The ultimate studio desk? We find out.

Neumann TLM49

Do the legends of mic design still have what it takes?

Ueberscall Liquid Horn Section

Can virtual horns sound so sweet you want to drink their liquid goodness?

Plugsound Pro

Ultimate Sound Bank deliver a huge library

Plex Rax

Host all your Audio Unit plug-ins in this virtual rack

Motu Ethno

World music sounds at your finger tips

Compact controller keyboard round-up

We tell you which portable controllers you should spend your wedge on

Mini Reviews

Gadgets, gizmos and other stuff you want


Gibson Digital Guitar

Guitars take the next evolutionary step past USB, a full-blown 6-channel ethernet output

Steinberg Cubase 4

We catch up with the boys at Steinberg to give us the latest on the popular DAW update

Classic Album

N.E.R.D's influential sound gets Classic Album status with

In Search Of...


We jet over to Oz to check out Studios 301. Beaches, a private pool. And some top-notch kit.

Five minutes with...

DJ/Producer James Zabiela tells us about the three bits of kit he couldn't live without.


Rock Production Masterclass

Steve Evans tells us about choosing the right distortion, creative feedback and getting those bass recordings just right

Studio Essentials

With the right programming technique people will think you have a real-life, drooling hairy drummer on your tracks

Effects Tips

A dozen essential tips that every aspiring studio-boffin should memorise.

Perfect podcasting

Another incredible way to get your music heard, or just rant on about anything you want. Karl Foster explains all...



From banjos to childrens' toys, Tunng records it all. We were lucky enough to get into their studio as Tunng creates an entire track especially for our DVD


Fragile State's finest talks to us about string arrangements with exclusive DVD footage to boot

48 Hours In...

The Big Chill. Come with us as we kick back, relax and take in the friendliest festival in the UK

On the DVD

1,000 Percussion samples

From bodhrans to bleeps, we cover all your percussion needs

2 hours of music production video

Tunng make a track, Pretz talks strings and Rock Production Masterclass part 3

10 Reader demos

Your best tracks of the month

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