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We've all been there. You listen to a new track and pride of place is a sound that blows your brains out. And yet it seems that no matter how much you tweak and which envelopes you push (literally) you can never whistle up a tenth of the same impact and originality.

We're not talking about outright cloning tracks here, or passing off work as you're own, but a little insight into how amazing and distinctive sounds are made can be a great jumping off point. We're here to help you construct your own hit sounds, make good on your investment in hardware and software and finally ditch the safety net of the preset.

Our Get That Synth Sound feature on page 32 takes you through the creation of five, distinctive, modern sounds and - more than ever - we implore you to load up our DVD and watch their creation (with voiceovers) on video too.

In fact, there's a triumvirate of synthery this issue with Chromeo's stunning collection laid bare from page 40 and the incredible return of Roland's Jupiter series on page 10.

Add in some superb tips from Tomy DeClerque and the awesome studio of Aeroplane and you've… Wow… Only about half of what this issue has to offer!

Get a taste of the Chromeo action AND Tomy DeClerque hotness in the mag with this issue's trailers below. Yes! Not one but TWO In The Studio With features this month and remember the full versions are only available on this month's DVD with the mag!

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