1,000 SoundCloud invites!

If you have heard of SoundCloud already, likelyhood is you either already enjoy it's top-notch service or you cling to your pillow in tears every night crying out for an invite. If you haven't heard of SoundCloud however, this is your lucky day!

For those of us who are constantly sending audio demos, files, stems, masters etc etc across the cyberweb via FTP, Email or any of the countless YouSendUMeItShareUpload websites, you'll know that they're not exactly streamlined for audio professionals.

Enter SoundCloud, an invite-only service, designed to help musicians distribute and promote their music as well as collaborate with other users. They also offer nifty music-pro features like waveform views (with the ability to add comments at chosen points) and the ability to stream any files you upload or that are sent to you without downloading them. And of course, you can upload/download any file format, at any size.

Here's the deal you lucky ducks - the good guys at SoundCloud have exclusively provided

Future Music

blog readers with 1,000(!) invites to their awesome service. Get 'em fast though (link below) - we can't say how long they're going to last and once they're gone - they're gone! Keep reading

Future Music

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