How to unsubscribe from MusicRadar notifications

Your web browser can now deliver notifications, just like apps do, and you've probably signed up to alerts from MusicRadar, by clicking the 'allow' pop-up while browsing the site.

We aim to use these to alert you to the hottest news and features we have to offer, but of course we understand that you might no longer want notifications from us, so we've put together a guide on how to unsubscribe from these updates.

Below, you'll find the unsubscribe process for Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

How to turn off web notifications in Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome
  • Select 'Settings'
  • Navigate to 'Privacy'
  • Scroll to 'Notifications'
  • Choose the websites you want notifications from

On the list of websites, you have options to 'allow' notifications; 'block', so you aren't prompted to sign up once again; or 'remove', which stops notifications, but means you may be asked to sign up again.

If you feel you may wish to resubscribe in future, choose 'remove'.

This preference is linked to your Google account, so notifications will be disabled across your devices.

To re-enable notifications, just click on the padlock next to the URL and click allow notifications.

Turn off notifications in Firefox on Mac, Android or PC

To unsubscribe from notifications on Firefox: enter the following into the URL box: about:preferences#privacy.

Scroll down to 'Permissions', find 'Notifications', then click on 'Settings'. From here, you can allow or block individual websites.

For phone users, simply head to the relevant site, press the padlock, then 'Edit Site Settings' and clear notifications.

How to turn off notifications in Microsoft Edge on PC

For Edge, head over to 'Settings', then 'View Advanced Settings'.

Within this menu, point to 'Notifications', then 'Website Permissions', where you can control which sites send you notifications.

How to turn off notifications in Safari on Mac

There's a slightly different process for Safari: open up Safari Preferences in your Mac, then head to 'Websites'.

In the list to the left, you'll find an option for 'Notifications', where you can allow or deny individual websites.


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