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Attention music producers and songwriters: what do you want from streaming platforms?

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Music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer et al are clearly here to stay. They're a fantastic way for artists to get music to their audiences and reach new music consumers.

How the DSPs [digital streaming platforms] work with artists to support and fairly reward music creatives has become a hot topic in recent years. Earlier this year in the UK, a report by a House of Commons Select Committee criticised major labels and called for comprehensive reform to redress the balance for songwriters, performers and composers. 

So while the-powers-that-be sort out a more equitable remuneration for artists and labels, what else can streaming platforms do to help music creatives? We want to hear your thoughts of the DSPs and what they do to help you. 

Complete our quick, simple, anonymous poll and let us know what you think.