Win a hex-cellent AXiS-49 MIDI controller!

Computer Music have joined forces with C-Thru Music to give away TWO excellent AXiS-49 MIDI controllers, each worth £420!In cm144, we awarded the AXiS-49 a 9/10 review score along with our Innovation and Performance awards. Just "like" the Computer Music page on Facebook here to get the link to the competition entry form.

The AXiS-49 is a velocity-sensitive MIDI keyboard. It uses the Harmonic Table key layout, whereby the keys are arranged in a harmonically logical way. Chord and scale shapes are the same in any musical key, so you only have to learn them once. It's a breeze to play complex-sounding "jazzy" chords, play triads with a single finger and even span several octaves' worth of notes with just one hand. The AXiS-49 is also great for playing drum parts!

For more on the Harmonic Table layout, see thisbasic overview, explanation of the layout, rundown of the benefits, and list of chord shapes. Click here to get the link to the competition entry form.


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