The Week in Computer Music #4

What's been causing our jaws to drop over the last week or so? Well for starters, the outrageous success of the first ever CM event, Producer Sessions Live, exceeded even our own lofty expectations, and it's safe to say that PSL will be back for seconds in 2011. Oh, and we kicked off The CM Factor, a weekly song competition on our Facebook page, giving you the chance to get your tune on the CM DVD! CM Factor 3 is currently running, so get your links in.

Synth sage Rob Papen gave us all a sneak peek of his second venture into the world of effects, RP-Delay, with a bunch of screenshots - with atypical features such as step sequencing and envelopes, it looks like being quite something.

For more traditional echoes (…choes …choes), Universal Audio served up an unofficial Echoplex-alike in the shape of EP-34 Tape Echo. Wow! (And flutter too, presumably.)

Vengeance-Sound released Multiband Compressor, which is exactly what its name implies, with the added twist of DPC (Dynamic Pattern Compression). We'd try to explain it, but you may as well watch this glossy product video:

Hige Five - the crafty developers behind CM's own iPhone apps - released Aura Flux, a generative iPhone music app.

Also now appearing in the App Store is Reactable Mobile, which brings the technology behind the full-size Reactable to the small screen.

On a distinctly more high-end note, Avid launched Pro Tools|HD Native, the details of which are broken down into an easily digestible format in this article on CDM.

However, we're going to leave things on a low note this time around, courtesy of NTS Audio's now-free Benassi Bass VST. NTS ask: "Do You need the well knowed ultra fat Bass than Benny Benassy used in his top productions?" Perhaps you do, but we have doubts about the authenticity of a 'soundalike' synth coming from a company that can't even spell the guy's name right. The interface (below) is resplendent with a familiar likeness of Benny himself, which looks on reassuringly as you dial in sawtooth synth sounds to your personal Satisfaction.

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