SingleMault CM - Free VST/AU distortion and filter effect

Apply versatile drive, fuzz, warmth and grit to your sounds with SingleMault CM. Based upon its gigantic bigger brother Maul, it's a tasty harmonic distortion and filter plugin built for Computer Music by the mighty FXpansion.The software gurus are also highly-regarded for their awesome BFD3 drum software and analogue-modelled DCAM Synth Squad collection.

SingleMault CM can coat some sweet saturation over your sounds, or provide some mind-blowing distortion tones at extreme settings (plus everything inbetween). A multimode resonant filter then allows you to control and shape the harmonics you've added. Make no mistake, this versatile device is perfect for a huge range of distortion and filtering tasks - tonal shaping, group gelling, creative mangling and more besides!

Features and uses:

  • High-quality harmonic distortion algorithm based upon a germanium diode circuit
  • Input-dependent saturation stage - apply subtle gelling, dynamic control or warm fuzz
  • Multimode filter (switchable between low, high and band-pass modes) plus dedicated resonance control
  • Wet/Dry Mix - ideal for parallel processing tasks
  • Optional non-clipping Limiter stage
  • In and Out Gain dials/metering for precise level monitoring and balancing
  • High Definition mode to minimise audio artifacts
  • MIDI Learn function - sweep parameters live for hands-on control
  • Compact and intuitive interface - use multiple instances across your project
  • 32-/64-bit PC VST
  • 32-/64-bit Mac AU/VST

How to get SingleMault CM:

Buy Computer Music magazine issue 200 (CM200) and you can download SingleMault CM right away.

For more info on CM Plugins,read our FAQ, and find out about ourVault download system.

If you like SingleMault CM, check out the full version of Maul. It features three separate drive stages, multiple DCAM drive types, transient shaping/saturation per-band, flexible modulation and loads more. You can find it and other great FXpansion plugins here!...

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