See the latest computer music gear at Producer Sessions Live!

The time is nearly here for CM's first ever live event! Hosted in conjunction with our sister title Future Music, Producer Sessions Live is happening at SAE London on 25 and 26 September. The weekend is set to be a top one, stuffed with product demos and masterclasses from industry heavyweights and big-name producers.

Many of the music technology industry's giants will be exhibiting their wares and demonstrating how you can get the best sounds from it. Roland, Steinberg and Korg are bringing all their latest gear for you to play with and providing specialists to reveal industry tips and tricks. Ableton and Novation are hosting a workshop on Live 8 and the funky Launchpad controller, while Source Distribution - UK distributor of Genelec, Universal Audio, Event, Presonus, Moog, Eventide and Lynx Aurora - are giving in-depth demonstrations of several of their biggest products.

Sound Technology - UK distributor for Propellerhead - will be showing off Reason 5, Numark are bringing their range of Serato-compatible hardware controllers to the party, and Akai Professional will be showing off their range of revered beat production samplers. The list doesn't stop there, either: Avid, Solid State Logic, MOTU, Time+Space, FXpansions, ReBEAT Digital, Focal Professional, Jamhub, Fostex and Tascam will also be vying for your attention. For the full list of exhibitors and what they'll be doing, head to the Producer Sessions Live website.

An impressive array of top producers are also holding masterclasses at PSL, of course, including Freemasons, Dave Spoon, Danny Byrd and London Elektricity. So what are you waiting for? Entry is £8 per day, and each Producer Session costs £4. Buy tickets and find out more at

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