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No Music Day

According to KLF founder Bill Drummond, today is No Music Day. He thinks that for one day in every year - November 21 - we should all give up making and listening to any kind of music. In fact, we should avoid any contact with music altogether. To make the occasion, art radio station ResonanceFM will not broadcast any music for 24 hours.

The idea seems to be that we should take a day to reflect on what music means to us and what we want our relationship with it to be in the future. By going without, we'll be able to better appreciate our music when we turn it on again tomorrow.

So am I backing No Music Day? Well, given that I've been listening to my iPod for the past couple of hours and I'm going to a gig tonight, I guess the answer is no. But I kind of see where Bill Drummond's coming from. But only kind of.

Are you observing No Music Day or do you think it's utterly pointless?