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Musikmesse 2007: Steinberg launch beginners' software

Steinberg have launched an all-new music-making application called Sequel. Happily, this looks like it could be rather good.

Clearly inspired by Apple's GarageBand, this one-window program comes with 5000 loops and 600 playable instruments. Audio recording is also possible, while the Arranger mode enables you to break your songs up into sections and trigger them live.

All of which sounds great, but there's one significant fly in the ointment. Unlike the vast majority of music-making apps, Sequel doesn't offer plug-in support, which means you're stuck with the effects and instruments that come built in. These might very well turn out to be fantastic, but Steinberg are still taking a risk by not giving users the option to plug in their own. Aren't they?

Oh, and we have one other gripe: the name. What's this the Sequel to? And what's the sequel to Sequel going to be called? It's all getting very confusing already.

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