Computer Music issue 219 – SIDECHAIN SECRETS – August 2015


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Take your tracks to a higher level with our massive sidechaining masterclass. From staple pumping effects through to advanced sidechain applications, we'll show you how to get tighter, clearer mixes that pop in all the right places, and give you the keys to unleash your best productions yet.

Over 14 pages and 14 accompanying videos, we'll show you how to…

  • Understand how sidechaining works, and set up sidechain routing in multiple DAWs
  • Create powerful, pumping sidechain compression effects
  • Take control of a mix's character to emphasise its best parts
  • Use sidechain techniques to get control over reverb and delay effects
  • Get a grip on sidechain EQ, distortion and filtering for professional results
  • Use dedicated sidechain trigger signals and 'auto-sidechaining' plugins

…and loads more

Here's one of this huge feature's videos to get you pumped up.

FREE PLUGIN - audioD3CK SunRuys CM

This awesome compressor plugin is yours with this issue, courtesy of audioD3CK. Alongside the expected Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release controls, SunRuys CM offers advanced tweaking over its compression character, oversampling, and dual mix controls. Its thickening character makes it most at home placed on sub groups or the master buss.

See us run through SunRuys CM's features in the video below, and check out the plugin's full specs to see more.


Exclusively for this issue of Computer Music, we've commissioned this 975-strong pack of unashamedly 80s-inspired samples. Produced using classic 'period' hardware and techniques, these loops, one-shots and multisampled synths are royalty-free and ready to bring the sound of those early digital pioneers to your tracks. Get them on the DVD with the print edition, or download them from our online Vault with the digital editions.


Struggling to get that polished top-end sheen? We've got ten video techniques for correcting and enhancing high-frequency elements in individual sounds and full mixes. We run through saturation with plugins and tape emulations, show you how to sort out harsh frequencies and notches, and reveal a range of advanced production techniques, including parallel EQ and frequency-conscious dynamics processing. Stop freq'ing out about your top end, and get it fixed with our help!


Many of today's top producers are running rings around the competition with the help of this comprehensive multiband distortion plugin - so why aren't you? In this guide and its accompanying videos, we'll show you how every feature of FabFilter's world-beating plugin works, from its comprehensive selection of distortion types, through to its multiband operation and insane modulation capabilities.


Jakob Thomser and Tobias Jakubczyk are rising stars of the neuro DnB world, but they've also had their eyes trained on the commercial music scene as of late. With this varied production experience in mind, we caught up with the boys in their Leipzig studio to film an hour-long Producer Masterclass video. Watch Tobias and Jakob dismantle their Wintermute collaboration, Influx, in Cubase 7.5, as they show us what makes the tune tick, and give up some invaluable production tips along the way.

See the first half of the video below, and get the rest with the print or Apple Newsstand edition of cm219!


  • Sound Design: Paul 'InsideInfo' Bondy pays tribute to the 808 bass drum, and shows us how to use a synth plugin to make an analogue-style kick of our own.
  • Drum Programming: Ronan Macdonald explains how two can be better than one when it comes to kick drums - as long as your patterns are tastefully crafted. Find out how in this issue's beat programming masterclass.
  • Advanced Techniques: Struggling to stay fresh with your sound design? We show you how to stay one step ahead of the production game and come up with your own, original and unique noises.
  • Music Theory: Layer up some thick polychords to extend the flavour of your chord progressions.


  • Paul van Dyk: We find out about the production behind his new collaboration album, and get his thoughts on the music industry past and present.
  • Tracktion Software: Music software supremos Jules Storer and James Woodburn tell us the story behind Tracktion, their business model, and the JUCE development framework.
  • Kölsch: Discover the five pieces of software that make the Danish house hero's studio tick.


  • Cakewalk Rapture Pro
  • Exponential Audio Excalibur
  • Sonarworks Reference 3
  • Waves Butch Vig Vocals
  • Plogue chipspeech
  • Acustica AmberEQ
  • PSP Audioware PSP MasterQ2
  • Zynaptiq Morph 2

PLUS 18 more reviews


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***Producer Masterclass video is not currently downloadable. Apple Newsstand readers can watch it directly inside the app via internet streaming. Print edition includes Producer Masterclass on the DVD. Other digital formats inc. Zinio & Google Play do not include Producer Masterclass video.

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