Computer Music 144 – House – The Essential Guide 2009

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• IK Multimedia X-Gear CM Edition

This issue's free software is a guitar and bass amp simulator for Mac and PC! Based on IK Multimedia's AmpliTube series, guitarists have two virtual amps to play with (based on Fender and Marshall designs) while bassists can enjoy an Ampeg BA-500 simulation. You also get a virtual tuner; distortion, wah and chorus pedals; three mics; four cabs; and audio file looping capability.

• 2046 24-bit CM house samples

A rich supply of quality samples to get your house tracks pumping! Blow the roof off with beats, basslines, loops, construction kits, leads, brass, organs and more.

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: Matrix & Futurebound

Two UK legends join forces for this remixing masterclass, in which they take the catchy


by Agent X featuring Ultra and ex-Sugababe Mutya Buena and transform it into a rollercoaster of a DnB track. Watch as the duo demonstrate in explicit detail how they create their signature beats, basslines and generally badass sound!


• House - The Essential Guide 2009

Master the latest house music production techniques on your PC or Mac! Our gigantic tutorial shows you how to make a beat; spice things up with percussion and synth stabs; work with grooves; create funky bass; use vocals effectively; arrange your track and more!

• The CM Guide to Logic Pro 9

Our walkthrough guide will help you to master the new features of Apple's flagship DAW, from Flex Time and Drum Replacer to Space Designer's new Warped IRs.

• Build a Linux DAW

Fancy some new music software for nowt? Our walkthrough guide explains how to get Linux up and running on your Mac or PC.

• Focus on Chiptune

Resurrect the sounds of vintage videogame music using the tools available in the modern DAW! Whether you're after a full-on retro experience or want to inject feisty bleeps and bloops into your up-to-the-minute productions, our walkthroughs will get you there.

• The Crystal Method interviewed

One of America's most successful electronic acts are subjected to the

Computer Music

interview, reminiscing on their early forays into computer music and, of course, divulging the details of the full-on setups they're running today.

• Reviewed!


Reaper 3

• U&I

MetaSynth 5

• Sugar Bytes

Eloquence 6

• Vengeance

Multiband Sidechain

• Modartt

Pianoteq 3


Vienna Imperial

• C-Thru Music


• Snyderphonics


• 112dB

Redline Reverb

Universal Audio

EMT 250

• PreSonus

FireStudio Tube

…and more


• DPC Latency: How to deal with this most unpleasant of PC audio setbacks

• Guitar Lab: Getting indie tones out of your axe and software setup

• Synth Essentials: Scot Solida explores a range of modulation techniques

• Off The Dial: rachMiel is on a quest for a computer's mother tongue

• The Easy Guide: Delving into minor keys

• The Burning Question: What's the best way to put my music online?

• And much more!

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