Computer Music 137 – The Essential Singer-Songwriter Production Guide

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• energyXT2.5 Core CM Edition

A new version of Computer Music's exclusive digital audio workstation app, now featuring virtual instruments and effects, beat-slicing, an improved mixer, project templates, and a whole load more. And it runs on Windows, OS X or Linux!

• 2040 samples

Designed to complement this issue's massive cover feature, this similarly huge collection of samples is comprised of inspirational backing loops, kits and riffs, all in WAV and CMplay formats. Enjoy drum beats, guitar chords and loops, basslines, electric pianos, and more!

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: Atjazz

Deep house wiz Atjazz (aka Martin Iveson) invites us into his studio to reveal how he created his track Love Somebody, itself a collaboration with legendary vocalist Robert Owens. Watch the video and see him programming beats, creating grooves, and processing Robert's vocals. And when you've had enough of in-depth technique, you can watch him knock out a complete track from scratch in just 20 minutes!


• The Essential Singer-Songwriter Production Guide

Learn how to record, mix and master acoustic guitar and vocal tracks like a pro! Nothing is left to the imagination in our comprehensive step-by-step guide. You'll learn how to: choose the right equipment; create a suitable recording space; employ correct microphone technique; edit vocals and guitars for the best possible results; mix and use effects; and finally, create a fully mastered mixdown. There's a whole lot more, so don't miss out on this extensive tutorial!

• My Generation

Your computer isn't just a dumb production tool - it can spontaneously create music, too, given the right software and a nudge in the right direction. Our guide to generative software covers what's out there and what it can do for your productions.

• Kraak & Smaak interviewed

The band's founder member Oscar De Jong lets CM in on their productions secrets and reveals why you should be dragging your computer from the studio to the stage.

• Windows 7 preview

We take an early look at the new OS from Microsoft and judge its potential for computer musicians. With multitouch built right into the OS, is this the future of computer music control?

• Reviewed!


Cubase 5


GarageBand '09

• Camel Audio


• E-MU

Emulator X3

• Audio Damage

Rough Rider Pro



• Focusrite

Saffire Pro 40

• VRain Recording

Element i7

…and more


• All About Automation: Learn how to bring movement to your tracks with automation

• Guitar Lab: How to get the tones of Angus Young, James Hetfield and Slash!

• Synth Essentials: Scot Solida's guide to wavetable synthesis

• Off The Dial: rachMiel goes off on one, investigating subharmonics and infrasounds

• The Easy Guide: Break out of the 4/4 box with out guide to odd time signatures

• The Burning Question: Are we seeing a paradigm shift in music software?

• And much more!

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