Computer Music 136 – The Right Synth For The Job / Hütkins CM on the DVD

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• PowerFX Hütkins CM

An incredible sample-based synth from PowerFX's Hoodtronica suite is yours with CM136. This special version of the Windows-compatible VSTi comes with 64 bonus patches.

• 1940 samples

Go around the world with 1940 ethnic folk instrument samples. Our meticulously multisampled patches are in CMplay and WAV formats and include bells and lutes from Tibet; Indian flutes and tablas; gongs, ocarinas, marimbas and, er, ting shags (aka finger cymbals). As well as that, you can enjoy 86 CM Classic guitar samples and 89 Creature Electronic Critters sounds.

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: Riley & Durrant

CM drops in at house duo Riley & Durrant's Leeds studio to capture them on camera. Thrill to the sight of them deconstructing beats, cooking up basslines, creating their own "bootleg" rock samples, and much more.


• The Right Synth For The Job

Knowing what sort of synth to call on for any given sound will give you the edge when it comes to keeping up with your inspiration. Follow our practical patch-building masterclass and you'll soon learn how to get the sounds you want - classic analogue tones, digital bells, "fake" guitars, expansive pads, massively stacked patches, 8-bit bleeps, hard DnB basses, soaring trance leads, funky house basses, synth organs, wobbly basses, and more are all covered!

Extreme Routing In Reason

Learn how to use Reason's signal-routing architecture to create your own custom devices, harness the power of the Combinator, organise your ReWiring, discover flexible sidechaining, and more!

• Vince Clarke interviewed

The synth pop legend - famous for his work with Depeche Mode, Yazoo, The Assembly and Erasure - speaks to CM about his past work, not to mention his conversion to Apple Macs and Logic following many years with the ancient UMI sequencer on the BBC Micro.

• Mixing basics in GarageBand

Discover the fundamentals of mixing tracks using Apple's entry-level DAW. Learn how to level, pan, compress and dial in reverb and delay to create great-sounding mixes!

• Reviewed!


Pro Tools 8

• Line 6

POD Studio UX2

• Sugar Bytes


• Overloud


• Tone2


• Image-Line

Gross Beat

• Studio Devil

Virtual Bass Amp

• Voxengo

LF Max Punch

• Tone2

Gladiator 2

• Artificial Audio


• …and more


• Guitar Lab: Tips and techniques from John 5, Paul Gilbert, Killswith Engage's Adam D, and many more stars!

• Synth Essentials: Scot Solida shows you how to become a pin matrix wizard

• Off The Dial: Take the slow road with rachMiel's time-bending experimentalism

• The Easy Guide: Give your tracks substance and structure with harmonic rhythm

• The Burning Question: Can I make music on a netbook?

• And much more!

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