Computer Music 133 – Organic sound design / erratic CM on the DVD

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• erratic CM

Bring some guided randomisation to your sample-based drum tracks with this probability-based VST drum machine for Windows PC and its 300MB of bundled sounds!

• 1581 samples

A stunning collection of royalty-free 'organic' synths, atmospheres, rhythmic loops, sound effects and more. All samples come in WAV and CMplay formats.

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: Mr Scruff

The UK's number one tea-powered hip-hop producer/cartoonist invites you into his studio to witness the brewing up of an entirely fresh track in over 55 minutes of exclusive video!


• Organic sounds

Breathe new life into your synths and samplers with our step-by-step sound design masterclass! After breaking down the fundamental theories of sound itself, we launch into walkthrough tutorials that discuss how to bring static sounds to life, the benefits of switching off your click track, the creation of unusual sounds and effects, how to harness the power of randomisation and more.

• The CM Guide to Sonar 8

We tour the new features of Cakewalk's seventh annual DAW update and show you how to get the most out of them. Find out how to program loops in Beatscape, shape transients with TS-64, get to grips with Instrument Tracks, use Clip Selection Groups, and indulge yourself in a selection of Sonar 8 power tips!

• Hyper interviewed

We talk to Hyper about his favourite music software and taking to the stage with his laptop-enhanced band.

• Remixing in Reason and ReCycle

Reason might not be your first choice of platform for remixing using audio, but with a little know-how it's entirely possible. Learn how with our tutorial, where we remix a track by post-rockers SeeBeeOne

• Reviewed!





• Audio Damage


• Sonalksis

Mastering Suite

• Antares

Auto-Tune Evo

• VirSyn


• Voxengo

Elephant 3

• D16 Group


• M-Audio

ProKeys Sono 61

• …and more


• £1714 of Steinberg gear to be won, including the new Cubase hardware!

• Quality Control: We look at the issues surrounding downloadable music in today's commercial music market

• Guitar Lab: How to record acoustic guitars successfully

• Synth Essentials: Scot Solida explains pulse width modulation

• Off The Dial: The Joy of Modes Part 3: Advanced Techniques

• The Easy Guide: Progressive chord patterns

• The Burning Question: How do I choose a soft synth?

• And much more!

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