Computer Music 124 - The CM Guide to Dub, Junkie XL, Producing Music for TV and more!

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• Martin Eastwood Audio CompressiveCM

Don't let the name fool you, as this CM-exclusive plug-in for PC and Mac is capable of much more than straightforward compression, and it has a great sound to boot. Features include filtered sidechain compression, mid/side processing, a brickwall limiting stage, valve emulation, and more.

• 1094 eJay samples + 1944 CM Dub samples!

Music software veterans eJay dish up over a thousand tasty samples spanning rock, trance and hip-hop genres, while CM's own sample suppliers have delivered nearly 2000 24-bit dub samples that are sure to shake your sound system to its very core. Gritty grooves, smoked-out sound effects, skankin' guitars and organs and, naturally, king-size bass tones are all present and correct.

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: Mistabishi

DnB whiz kid Mistabishi - aka Jamie Pullen - invites us into his studio space, revealing the techniques he used to create his massive, piano-powered smash,

No Matter What

. Just how did he mix up those thundering beats, gnarly basslines, and lush vocals? Watch the video to find out!


• The CM Guide to Dub

If you crave the ruff, riddim-led sound of the original Jamaican dub cuts, or are looking to inject a dub flavour into your tracks, then our huge guide is all you need. Follow the steps as we build a track from scratch, from sound design and laying the foundations with drums, bass, guitars and brass, all the way through to mixing and dialling in spaced-out delay effects.

• Commercial thinking

Being hired to compose tunes for television is a dream job for many musicians, but just how do you get started? Our practical guide will give you a great head start, as we cover not just the creative side of coming up with material, but reveal how publishing works, the formats you'll need to supply your work in, and what it means when a producer asks you for five stings, two beds and three break-bumpers.

• Junkie XL

If you only know him for his remix of the Elvis track

A Little Less Conversation

, then you're missing out, as Junkie XL's career has seen him create videogame soundtracks, score music for films like

The Matrix

, not to mention his own solo material. Moreover, the fact that he's also the owner of perhaps the most complex computer setup we've ever seen makes him a perfect candidate for the CM interview.

• The Power of Two

Make the most of your two speakers with our guide to stereo mixing and processing. 'Stereoise' mono signals, maximise stereo width without sacrificing punch, learn how to use mid-side processing and what panning laws are, and more.

• Reviewed!




Analog Factory Experience

• FXpansion


Solid State Logic


• Solid State Logic


• PSP Audioware


• Blue Cat Audio

Remote Control 2

• VirSyn


• db audioware

Flying Haggis

• …and more


• Win one of three copies of Propellerhead Reason 4, worth £299GBP each

• Create the illusion of live sound

• Guitar Lab: Choosing the perfect amp and effects combination

• Synth Essentials: Programming string sounds with AlphaCM

• Off The Dial: Minimal beats. 'Nuff said.

• The Easy Guide: The first of a short series examining intervals

• Give It Away Now!: The best freeware we've seen this month

• The Burning Question: How do I start my own web-based record label?

• And much more!

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