Computer Music 119 - Samplitude 9 SE on the DVD, Inside Reason 4 and more!

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• MAGIX Samplitude 9 SE!

A fully-featured professional music production program is yours with CM119! Samplitude 9 SE is perfect for everything from recording a band to creating music entirely on your computer with virtual instruments. The retail price of Samplitude 9 SE is EUR49.99, but you can get it free with this month's issue!

• 2010 royalty-free samples in the CM Minimal House Collection!

Once you've read The CM Guide to Minimal House, you'll be raring to put together your own lean and mean cuts, and with this massive, exclusive sample collection you can do just that. Raw drums, solid bass and cutting synths are all included, with plenty more besides.

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: TC

CM's cameraman infiltrates TC's Bristol-based studio to watch the DnB wizard work his magic as he conjures up a complete track from scratch. Special attention is paid to the two central, eponymous elements of drum 'n' bass, while a chance phone call from MC Jakes leads to spontaneous vocal magic!


• Inside Reason 4!

Master the new features of Propellerhead's latest with our comprehensive guide. Find out how to extract and use grooves from any piece of music with the ReGroove Mixer, create huge sounds from scratch with Thor, accelerate your sequencing, create explosive arpeggios with RPG-8, and a whole lot more!

• Logic Studio and Sonar 7 reviewed

The latest versions of Logic and Sonar each make a compelling argument for switching to the Mac or PC platforms respectively. In the comprehensive CM reviews you can find out exactly how their new features fare and which - if any - you should be saving up for.

• Laptops at The Big Chill

One need only look to this year's Big Chill festival for proof that the laptop is now the live instrument of choice for electronic musicians. CM caught up with performers including Future Loop Foundation, Another Fine Day and Alucidnation, as well as some of the VJs providing visual relief for some first-hand, professional opinions on this phenomenon.

• The CM Guide to Minimal House

Get a handle on the freshest sound in house with our giant tutorial. From sourcing samples and creating tight edits to using sidechain compression to enhance your mix, all these techniques and more are laid bare as we document the creation of a full track.

• Designing soundscapes

There are no strict rules for designing ambient soundscapes, and so it can be hard to know where to start, especially if you're steeped in the more traditional aspects of music. Free your mind, then, with our walkthrough tutorial, which covers sound design tools and techniques that will have you plunging headlong into the wild art of sonic sculpture.

• Reviewed!


Logic Studio

• Cakewalk

Sonar 7


Groove Agent 3

• discoDSP

Discovery Pro

• FabFilter


• Christian Knufinke


• eJay

Virtual Music Studio

• Numark

Total Control


• Win US$646 of Image-Line gear, including FL Studio!

• Guitar Lab: Part 2 of our masterclass in distortion

• Synth Essentials: Sequencers as a modulation source

• Off The Dial: rachMiel gives us his take on looping

• The Easy Guide: Chord inversions, part 2

• Give It Away Now!: KVR Developer Challenge special

• The Burning Question: Is modern software too complicated?

• And much more!

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