My Daddy Has 100 Synths could be the children’s book you need in your life

“This one is polyphonic and has a vocoder! This one was used by Giorgio Moroder”

(Image credit: Billy Cardigan)

The benefits of reading to your children are well-documented, but reading to them about synths? That’s got to give them an even better start in life, surely.

Destined to become a bedtime classic, My Daddy Has 100 Synths is a new Dr Seuss-style rhyming children’s book that documents the relationship between a synth-obsessed father and his child (sample couplet: “Why do you need to bring your Bass Station/Even when we go on family vacation?”).

This toddler-friendly hi-tech tome is the work of Billy Cardigan, one half of musical duo Shy Boyz, and the writer of both previous children’s book My Daddy Has 100 Pedals, and Obtuse Chambers, a collection of short stories about guitar pedals and players.

Check out a couple of sample pages from My Daddy Has 100 Synths below; you can pre-order it now via Bandcamp. It costs $15 and is scheduled to ship on 22 November.

(Image credit: Billy Cardigan)
(Image credit: Billy Cardigan)

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