MusicRadar Basics: electric guitar

New to the guitar? We'll tell you everything you need to know.

MusicRadar Basics, brought to you in association with Blackstar Amplification, Epiphone, Rockschool and Dunlop is a series designed to answer all of those questions that crop up when you first start playing an instrument.

Out first set of videos looks at the electric guitar. It can be an intimidating to pick one up for the first time, so we're going to make it all as simple as straightforward as possible.

We'll show you what all those switches and strings are all about, how they work and what sounds they produce, how to re-string your new pride and joy, clean it, and what accessories you'll need to look after it properly.

We're also going to show you all about amplifiers, what they do, what the different types are and how to get the best results from them.

Check out the videos below, and remember: everybody had to start somewhere...

MusicRadar Basics is brought to you in association with Blackstar Amplification, Epiphone and Rock School

Parts of an electric guitar

Types of electric guitar

How to tune an electric guitar

How to re-string an electric guitar

Types of guitar bridge

Essential Accessories

How to use a capo

Plectrums Explained

Straps and strap locks

How to clean a rosewood fingerboard

Types of amplifier

Connecting a guitar to an amplifier

Amplifier controls explained

Achieving basic guitar tones

Effects pedals explained