Guitar basics: Fretting tips

Pressing down near the frets eliminates the possibility of fret-buzz

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Many guitarists are in such a rush to get to the flashy, exciting aspects of guitar playing, like two-handed tapping or two-octave sweep arpeggios, that they overlook the basic skills these more advanced techniques build from.

The problem, of course, is that without a solid foundation of basic guitar skills it´s difficult to progress to more advanced techniques and maintain accuracy. The end result is almost always a sloppy player.

To avoid this situation it´s important to pay attention to the fundamental aspects of guitar, especially if you´re just starting out, as it´s much harder to correct a bad habit once it´s been ingrained over a period of time.

This tutorial shows you how to position your fingers correctly to avoid fret buzz and shows you a few pitfalls to watch out for on you way to flawless fretting technique.