Ronnie Wood guitar hits eBay with £10,000 reserve

Guitarist's brother in-law shifts gift axe

A guitar formerly owned by Ronnie Wood has landed on eBay after a falling out between the guitarist and his ex-brother-in-law Paul Karslake.

The signed '54 Anniversary Custom Fender Stratocaster, which was built for the Rolling Stone in 2004, has appeared on eBay with a reserve price of £10,000.

The guitar was signed "Smoke this! Ronnie Wood '07" and presented to Karslake in 2007, before the end of Wood's 23-year marriage to Karslake's sister, Jo Woods.

Since then the guitarist and his brother-in-law have ended their friendship, with Karslake (an artist by trade) memorably portraying Ronnie Wood as a vampire sucking his sister's blood in a painting last year.

It seems that the artist has now decided to rid himself of some of his Wood-related memorabilia and the Essex Echo is reporting that Karslake asked his friend, Alan Jones, to 'eBay' the item for him.

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