Darkest Hour's Advice Column

Darkest Hour co-founder and guitarist, Mike Schleibaum, has launched a new online advice column, called AsktheDude.net.

“I always try to save and answer every email I get as a band member. Eventually I began to see that I could just post the answers in an advice blog or column, and well, ask the dude was born.”

A little fun, and mostly serious, Mike draws on his 13 years of touring, recording, partying, and writing (plus a little known degree in Social Work from George Mason University) to answer all those burning questions out there.

“Let’s face it, after all these years, I’ve probably made all the mistakes for you.”

Along for the ride is long time tour manager and road legend Tito Picon. Tito will kick off a guest advisors section along with a “From the Road” interview page. His first interview, with Guitarist Nergal of black/death metal giants Behemoth, is up now.

Check it out, maybe you’re having trouble booking your first show, maybe your bassist’s girlfriend wants to manage the band, or maybe you just want advice on the fastest way to learn the solo to ‘Crazy Train’. Whatever they are, send your questions to thedude@askthedude.net.

Darkest Hour will be touring the USA this July as main support to At The Gates.

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