Best Service Hip Hop & R'n'B Producers Pack 1 review

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Judging by the bare-chested model pictured on the cover of this library, you might be forgiven for thinking that its contents are as slick as his chest.

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Our Verdict

With plenty of better hip-hop libraries out there, there's no real reason to pick this one up.


  • Unconvincing drums. Rubbish bass.


  • If you dig deep enough you'll find some good stuff in there.
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Unfortunately, this selection of beats and loops falls well short of the mark, with mushy-sounding drum hits, distinctly un-'hood instrument loops, and rubbish bass sounds.

Some of the beat loops are OK, and there are some tasty instrumental parts if you dig deep, but overall this package is a disappointment.

Tech Specs

FeaturesOver 1700 Samples And Over 2.5Gb Of Content. BIG collection of innovative samples and loops.
Description This library includes a large quantity of high quality hiphop samples: 224 bass drums, 164 snare drums, 72 claps, 487 percussions, 211 hihats closed, 73 hihats open, 56 shakers, bass tones, rides, crashes, hits, brass chords, piano & electric piano chords, keyboard chords, guitar chords, synth chords, string chords, vinyl scratches & fx samples.
FormatsAcid Acid WAV Rex2 WAV
GenresHip-hop RnB