Electro-Harmonix Octavix review

'Vixy Lady

  • £69
  • €79
  • $119
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Our Verdict

It's not the most versatile octave fuzz, but it's one of the most enjoyable.


  • Great tone.


  • Not all that versatile.

For a company famed for its fuzz, it's surprising it's taken EHX this long to release a dedicated octave fuzz, but the Octavix is worth the wait.

It positively screams with single-note lines around the 12th fret, made more intense and Octavio-like by flicking the voltage switch to 24 volts for a more precise, tighter fuzz sound.

Dial the octave out, and you get a squashy, gated-style fuzz that's super-saturated for noise-fests.

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Tech Specs

Battery/Adaptor Type9V Battery