Duende Pro Cajon

We've been truly knocked out by the wonderful cajons from Spanish company Duende: their range of sounds but also their superb build-quality and innovative design features.

We're now taking a look at Duende's Pro cajon: coming in at 48cm x 30cm x 31cm it's a pretty 'standard' size and is made of birch wood (surround and frontplate). It's highly sturdy in their construction, with a silicon non-slip seat top and the finish is striking to say the least.

The black gloss sides and back contrast well with the colours and patterns on the frontplate and it has two V-shaped guitar string 'snare wire' sets that are adjustable with an included Allen key underneath the drum. In addition to the snares there is also a cluster of small jingles suspended underneath the seat that adds a touch more 'pizazz' to your strokes.

The Pro cajon is super responsive and considering its dimensions, gives back everything you try to elicit - in spades! With the Pro you can enjoy all frequencies with satisfying results.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Superb tonal response; sturdy construction.


Lacks a bit of sheer volume; finish won't be to everyone's taste.


A superb value cajon in a market awash with mid-price and mouth-watering high end 'boutique' instruments.

Country of Origin


Drum Shell Material


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