Loopmasters DJ Mixtools Vol 01 - Minimal Underground Techno review

  • £14.95

Extra sounds for your DJ sets

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Our Verdict

If you want to spice up your minimal house sets, check this out.


  • Affordable. Parts fit nicely into your mixes.


  • A bit nondescript.
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As the boundaries of conventional DJing blur into those of production, Loopmasters has jumped on the concept of 'filler' material. Consisting of loops and FX made to f­ill and bridge the gaps in your mixes, DJ Mixtools offers perhaps the most perfectly nondescript house music we've ever heard. Made up of 16-, 32-, 64- and 128-bar parts, each is ready-mapped for Ableton Live.

It's hard to fault DJ Mixtools - the price is right and the material delivers without imposing its style too much on your mix. If you want to make better use of your C and D decks in Traktor, or need an extra beat to smooth transitions in Live, this could well be for you.

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Tech Specs

PlatformWAV, Ableton Live