Who is the best keyboardist of all time?

Vote for the ultimate piano, synth or organ legend

Who is the greatest keyboard player of all time
Who's the greatest? Tell us now!
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UPDATED: Nominations have now closed - please vote for the greatest keyboard player of all time in the poll to the right.

We've done singers. We've done bassists. We've done drummers. And we've done both blues and heavy metal guitarists. Now it's time for us to take another step towards putting together the MusicRadar users' fantasy band as we ask you to vote for the greatest keyboard players of all time.

Whether it's a soul great, a blues legend, a prog wizard, a pop hero or a dance master, we want you to vote for the keyboard player who's had the biggest impact on the world of popular music. We're not including straight-up jazz pianists on this occasion - they deserve a poll of their own - but those players who've crossed into other genres (the likes of Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea spring to mind) are up for consideration.

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Put forward your nomination for the greatest keyboard player of all time in one of the following ways:

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Based on your nominations, we'll then come up with a shortlist of keyboard playing greats and let you vote for your favourite.