ViaDSP's Crush Filter plugin does what it says it will

New effect is designed to add "gritty distortion and motion"

YouTube :

We're often told not to assume anything, but when we heard that ViaDSP's new plugin was called Crush Filter, we immediately jumped to the conclusion that it would combine a bitcrusher and a filter. And guess what? We were dead right. That's another old maxim disproved, then.

Specifically, Crush Filter features a low/high-pass filter and a bitcrusher and, in combination with the envelope follower, is designed to add gritty distortion effects and add motion. There are various additional knobs that enable you to fine-tune the sound of the effect.

Crush Filter is available now from the ViaDSP website for PC and Mac in 32/64-bit VST/AU formats. The regular price is $30, but you can currently get it for $19.

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