Take control of your DAW with the Edirol M-16DX

The M-16DX now puts you in control of Sonar and Logic

Already a digital mixer, multi-I/O audio interface and production console, Edirol's M-16DX is now capable of serving as a DAW controller. This new functionality has been added as part of a version 2 software update.

The update means that the M-16DX can now control Cakewalk's Sonar and Apple's Logic out of the box. Simply select Edirol's hardware in one of these DAWs and it should automatically be configured to work with it.

The M-16DX can be used with other DAWs, too - in fact, it's compatible with any software that supports MIDI learn. There are 54 assignable knobs and numerous assignable buttons.

Feature highlights of the M-16DX include 18 inputs, 24-bit/96kHz processing, 3-band sweepable EQ and three effects.

You can download the version 2 software update for free by clicking here.