Perfect harmonies in a plug-in

Harmonic Improvisator is fully versed in the rules of harmonic theory.

If you think you could benefit from a helping hand with your harmonies, look no further than Jonathan Schmid-Burgk's new Harmony Improvisator. Coming with a knowledge of the mathematical logic and rules of harmonic theory, this unusual plug-in is designed to save time and aid composition.

Harmony Improvisator comes with a large library of chords, and the names of these are labelled according to how they function in a musical context. Its developer claims that it enables users to "explore unusual chords and harmonic ideas just by clicking the mouse".

The software automatically follows voicing rules and, when set to work on your music, suggests 'correct' harmonic progressions. There's an improvisation mode for live performance, while chords can be visualised on the virtual keyboard.

Available now as a Windows VST plug-in, Harmony Improvisator costs €79. A demo is available from the Improvisator website so that you find out exactly how it works.