New MacBook cases revealed?

Standard model might not have FireWire

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Is this a genuine shot of the new MacBook case

Is this a genuine shot of the new MacBook case?

New MacBook

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The Pro model also has an aluminium finish

The Pro model also has an aluminium finish.

New MacBook Pro

Prior to their announcement at Apple's launch event tomorrow, it seems that images of the new MacBook and MacBook Pro cases have found their way onto the internet. is running several shots of what would appear to be the new cases - these would seem to confirm that the new laptops will both have a brushed aluminium finish.

More importantly for musicians, some are saying that the photos indicate that the standard MacBook won't have a FireWire port on it. As you're probably aware, FireWire is still heavily used by many music technology companies - notably for external audio interfaces and DSP systems.

If the no-FireWire rumour turns out to be true, owners of the new entry-level Apple laptop will have to rely on USB peripherals.

Of course, this is all just speculation at the moment - all the genuine MacBook specs should be revealed tomorrow.


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