Apple confirms new laptops

It's definitely happening, folks.
It's definitely happening, folks.

Apple has all but validated the rumour that it will announce new laptops on October 14 by confirming that it's hosting a special event on that very day. The wording on the invite seems to give the game away, stating that "The spotlight turns to notebooks".

Apple is usually pretty cryptic when it sends out these invitations, so it comes as a surprise to see it revealing its agenda so blatantly. That said, there were so many rumours doing the rounds that everyone would have guessed what the company was up to anyway.

What we don't know, of course, is what the new machines' specs will be (given that it says 'notebooks' rather than 'notebook' on the invite, we're guessing that there'll be more than one).

As previously reported, it's being suggested that the new MacBooks (if that's what they're to be called) will be built from one piece of aluminium, and there's even speculation that they'll have multi-touch screens.

We'll bring you all the confirmed details next week.

(Via Engadget)

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