Is Mine your ticket to the MIDI controller of your dreams?

Modular platform lets you come up with your own design

vimeo : 190926471

If you're the kind of person who likes going off the menu and configuring your own pizza, Special Waves' Mine MIDI controller platform could be for you.

You start with a base, and then slot appropriate modules into it to create a controller that meets your requirements. As things stand, you can choose from pad, 2-button, pot, encoder and fader modules.

Each module can be positioned horizontally or vertically on either the Mine or MineS control surface. The former comprises an 8x8 matrix that enables you to insert up to 64 modules, while the latter is an 8x4 matrix that can host up to 32 modules. Power can be drawn over USB or a mains power supply.

You can configure the Mines in a dedicated software app, and you can connect multiple devices to create a larger control surface.

Find out more on the Special Waves website. Prices are TBC, but we know that the Mine controllers are coming to Kickstarter soon.

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