Ion iCapture: turn your iPod into a handheld recorder

The iCapture could be a viable alternative to a dedicated handheld recorder.

Ion's iCapture looks like it could be a handy peripheral for anyone who wants to use their iPod Classic as a recording device.

Slot your player into the iCapture and it's instantly ready to record any audio you want - a pair of mics sits on the top, and it also looks like there's a couple of combi jacks on the bottom for plugging in mics or instruments.

You can monitor via headphones, while buttons, knobs and level meters can be found on the front. There's no news yet on what kind of quality you'll be able to record at.

The iCapture looks very similar in concept to Belkin's Podcast Studio, which was launched in 2008. However, this still doesn't seem to be available, so if Ion can get its product out soon - it's scheduled to ship in the second quarter of 2009 - it could yet steal a march on its rival.

Pricing details have yet to be announced.