Dave Smith Mopho is mini Prophet '08

The Mopho is designed to sit on your desk.

Dave Smith Instruments has introduced the Mopho, a desktop monophonic analogue synth that effectively gives you a single voice from the company's highly acclaimed Prophet '08.

As you can see, the interface has been kept pretty simple: you get a selection of essential default controls, plus four that you can assign on a per-program basis. Any of the synth's parameters can be assigned to these, meaning that it's fully programmable from the front panel. A basic software editor is also included.

In order to make the Mopho more than just a one-voice Prophet '08, Dave Smith has also added a sub-octave generator to each oscillator. In addition, there's an audio input so that you can process external sources, plus the option to mix the output back in pre-filter for feedback effects.

Commenting on the launch of the Mopho, Dave Smith said: "It's taken on a life of its own. It's an inexpensive, feature-rich mono synth that really excels at basses and big, fat lead sounds."

'Inexpensive' in this case means $439 - the Mopho is shipping now. You can learn more at the Dave Smith Instruments website.