Bulb Sound Speaker: a speaker in a light bulb

Play your iPod through a lamp

Bulb Sound Speaker
Light bulbs: always signs of a great idea

This is probably the coolest speaker we've seen since the resonating milk carton: it's a speaker inside a light bulb.

The Castiglione Morelli-designed Bulb-Sound-Speaker received an Honourable Mention at the Sound Innovation design competition. And it's easy to see why...

How it works

It's powered through the same fitting as a light bulb. So, you can literally plug it in anywhere. Simply connect the Bluetooth transmitter to your iPod and you're all set.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to illuminate while playing music, so you'll probably be dancing in the dark for the most part. Regardless, here's hoping it makes it past the concept stage.

(Via: CrunchGear)