Bitwig Studio music production software announced

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Bitwig Studio click the image for a gallery of screenshots

Bitwig Studio: click the image for a gallery of screenshots.

Bitwig Studio

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Arranger clip launcher

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Mixer clip launcher

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Clip automation

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Per-note automation

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Sound devices

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Device nesting

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Internet collaboration

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LAN jamming

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Multi-monitor support

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Native modular system

When a team that includes former Ableton developers announces that it's launching a new piece of music production software, you have to sit up and take a little bit of notice. This is precisely what's arrived in the shape of Bitwig Studio, a new application that's designed for composers, producers and DJs.

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Bitwig Studio bears some of the hallmarks of Ableton's Live, but it'll aim to plough its own furrow. Some of its feature highlights include:

  • Multitrack recording
  • Arranger- and Mixer-based clip launching
  • Generic tracks - audio and MIDI notes can exist on the same track
  • Clip automation
  • Per-note automation - apply pitch variations to individual notes in the piano roll, and edit each note's panning, timbre and volume curves
  • Simultaneous multitrack editing - edit the contents of multiple tracks together
  • Multiple audio events per clip - chop and edit audio files inside a clip
  • Real-time timestretching
  • "World-class" instruments and effect devices
  • Device nesting - devices can contain other devices and be saved as a preset
  • 32/64-bit VST support
  • Metadata-based browser - add tags and search content by type
  • Open multiple documents - Drag/drop and copy/paste between projects
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Slick user interface - designed to be fun and intuitive

Features slated to arrive after the version 1.0 release are:

  • LAN multi-user jamming - multiple users can jam on the same document and capture everything in its arrangement
  • Multi-user production over the internet - work on the same document from different locations, with everything kept in sync
  • Native modular system - create your own instruments and effects or modify existing ones

We'll have more details soon: check out the Bitwig website for the latest and to sign up to be a beta tester. As expected, the software is Mac and PC compatible, but the great news is that there's also a Linux version.