AudioCubes to deliver improved MIDI control

Unique hardware proves that it's hip to be square

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You won't find any knobs or sliders on the AudioCubes.
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The new MIDI Bridge application.

Percussa's unique AudioCubes - which are part performance tool and part MIDI controller - are set to get new functionality very soon thanks to a software update.

Specifically, the new MIDI Bridge application will enable you to better integrate the Cubes with your computer.

When using the AudioCubes as a MIDI controller, their positions and proximity translate into scalable Continuous Controller information. Using the MIDI Bridge software, this information can be sent either to your music software or MIDI-compatible hardware.

The new MIDI Bridge arrives with a number of enhancements: MIDI triggering is now faster and more accurate; up to four cubes can now be connected to a single computer; and the software GUI now directly reflects real-time changes in the Cubes' display colours.

The new MIDI Bridge will be launched at the 2008 Winter NAMM show which takes place in Anaheim, California from January 17-20.

Percussa will also demo new sound generation software at the show. This will enable AudioCubes owners to use them without a computer and, like the MIDI Bridge, will be made available as a free download.

For more on the AudioCubes, including a selection of enlightening video demonstrations, go to the Percussa website.