Rock Band 2 giving away 20 song downloads

Dhani Harrison's new band among acts

Rock Band 2 giving away 20 song downloads

The good folks behind Rock Band 2 are feeling generous these days, and to prove it they're offering 20 songs gamers can download for free starting 4 November.

Most of the acts (available to anybody who owns Rock Band 2 on XBox 360, PlayStation 3 or Wii) are fairly unknown - The Cab, Tickle Me Pink, Dealership - while some are downright "never heard of them."

But there is one group, Thenewno2, that people might know a thing or two about - because it's led by Dhani Harrison, whose likeness and singing style bears an uncanny and almost eerie resemblance to that of his late father, ex-Beatle George Harrison. (Check out Dhani's rather impressive homemade video, a nod of sorts to The Clash's Rock The Casbah, for proof. Even donning a grey wig, he's a dead ringer for George.)

Exposing new artists

With the kind of sales the Rock band franchise has been racking up, they can afford to toss off some freebies.