Rock Band 2 giving away 20 song downloads

Dhani Harrison's new band among acts

Thenewno2. Daddy Beatle would be proud

The good folks behind Rock Band 2 are feeling generous these days, and to prove it they're offering 20 songs gamers can download for free starting 4 November.

Most of the acts (available to anybody who owns Rock Band 2 on XBox 360, PlayStation 3 or Wii) are fairly unknown - The Cab, Tickle Me Pink, Dealership - while some are downright "never heard of them."

But there is one group, Thenewno2, that people might know a thing or two about - because it's led by Dhani Harrison, whose likeness and singing style bears an uncanny and almost eerie resemblance to that of his late father, ex-Beatle George Harrison. (Check out Dhani's rather impressive homemade video, a nod of sorts to The Clash's Rock The Casbah, for proof. Even donning a grey wig, he's a dead ringer for George.)

Exposing new artists

"The Rock platform is an unparalleled destination for music discovery, offering a broad cross section of rock, from iconic rock artists to emerging bands," said Paul DeGooyer, MTV's Senior Vice President of Electronic Games & Music. "With the addition of the 20 new songs we're announcing today, owners of Rock Band 2 will have the ability to experience music from over 100 artists - ranging from the acts they already know and love to up-and-coming bands we think they will like."

With the kind of sales the Rock band franchise has been racking up, they can afford to toss off some freebies.


Joe Bosso is a musician and journalist from New Jersey, USA. He is ex-Editor-in-Chief of Guitar World magazine and ex-Vice President of A&R at Island Records