Now we've seen everything part 343: The BalvenAmp

An amplifier in a 12-year-old single malt whisky box

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Did the guy who made this get the idea before or after polishing off the contents of the bottle?
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Another work-in-progress shot

Here at MusicRadar, we love DIY guitar amplifiers. A recent favourite that springs to mind is this amplifier housed in a coconut shell.

Imagine our glee when we found the BalvenAmp. Made from an old box that originally contained a nice 12-year-old single malt whisky, the amplifier’s maker declares that “there's a lot of low-end distortion, but at low volumes the treble is actually quite clear.”

The last time we drank a bottle of Scotch, it’s fair to say that there was plenty of low-end distortion the following morning.

Surely the BalvenAmp’s natural companion would be a Smokey Amp, run in some sort of dual amp, cigarettes & alcohol stereo combination? You could even plug in the ChroniCaster.

It's not big or clever kids, and please remember that MusicRadar doesn't endorse hedonistic behaviour of any kind. Honestly.

By Chris Vinnicombe.