Now we've seen everything part 343: The BalvenAmp

An amplifier in a 12-year-old single malt whisky box

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Did the guy who made this get the idea before or after polishing off the contents of the bottle?
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Another work-in-progress shot

Here at MusicRadar, we love DIY guitar amplifiers. A recent favourite that springs to mind is this amplifier housed in a coconut shell.

Imagine our glee when we found the BalvenAmp. Made from an old box that originally contained a nice 12-year-old single malt whisky, the amplifier’s maker declares that “there's a lot of low-end distortion, but at low volumes the treble is actually quite clear.”

The last time we drank a bottle of Scotch, it’s fair to say that there was plenty of low-end distortion the following morning.

Surely the BalvenAmp’s natural companion would be a Smokey AmpChroniCaster.

It's not big or clever kids, and please remember that MusicRadar doesn't endorse hedonistic behaviour of any kind. Honestly.

By Chris Vinnicombe.