Nikki Sixx apologies to fan for bottle-throwing incident

Last week we told you about the special relationship Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx has with his fans, like the girl at a recent concert who Sixx threw a bottle at, spit at and said some very rude things to.

Well, being that Sixx does indeed have a special relationship with his fans, he's issued the following statement. While Sixx apologies to the fan for lobbing a bottle at her, he says nothing about the spitting, nor the over-the-top remarks.

Remember, this is Motley Crue we're talking about.

Sixx's statement

"There was a recent event at one of our shows where someone threw a bottle at me during my speech and I got pretty pissed. The way it happened is, I threw a bottle of water to some fans and didn't realize the very bottle I threw to the fans was thrown back at me. I have to admit, bands get pretty pissed when people throw shit at you onstage. I didn't even think it was the same bottle, so with that being said, I'd like to say I'm sorry to the fan who threw the bottle back at me.

"These self-help books are really helping. Ha-Ha" Nikki Sixx, concluding his 'apology' to fan

"These damn cliches seem to be true, like 'two wrongs don't make a right...'

"Rock 'n' roll, and temper tantrums…

"P.S.: These self-help books are really helping. Ha-Ha."

Should you want to relive Sixx's heartwarming stage patter, here's the video below. And we've even presented it from another angle.

Thanks, Blabbermouth.

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