New Fender Champs offer DSP FX

More and more guitarists are coming around to the idea that for most applications, small is beautiful. For practice sessions, studio recording and small gigs, a low-powered tube combo is where it's at.


Featuring 6V6 power valves and 12AX7 preamp valves, the Super Champ and Vibro Champ come equipped with 10 and eight-inch Special Design speakers respectively. The Blackface cosmetics are timeless, but Fender's new 15-watt Super Champ XD and five-watt Vibro Champ XD are much more than vintage reissues.


Alongside a complement of 16 DSP effects, both amplifiers have a 16-position Voice knob that gives access to a variety of clean and distorted preamp voices, some of which employ a solid-state circuit for more aggressive overdriven tones.


The Super Champ XD is available now and has a UK RRP of £249.99, while the Vibro Champ XD is just £209.99. For more information, visit Fender's official website.

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