Meet the Jimi Hendrix grand piano

Before the Authentic Hendrix guitar, we had this...

Last week we had Gibson's controversial Authentic Hendrix guitar, based not on a Les Paul or Flying V but on somewhat more interesting origins. This week, the internet has coughed up an older but equally interesting product from a member of the Gibson Family of Brands. A Jimi Hendrix grand piano.

The Baldwin Hendrix Custom Grand has what we'll call a 'distinctive' look, being based on the design of the Jimi Hendrix Psychedelic Flying V that came out of Gibson's Custom Shop in 2006.

Described as "a fitting tribute to a genuine legend," the grand piano features "a full-size profile of Hendrix underneath the lid".

The product page on Gibson's website states that The Baldwin Hendrix Custom Grand "will fit beautifully into almost any home", though with an MSRP of $168,848, it's also worth noting that most houses in 2009 will likely cost you less.

UPDATE: Gibson has asked us to point out that The Baldwin Hendrix Custom Grand was made in 2006 and is not a new product. It was a one-off design and not a signature line. The company now appears to have removed the product from its website.