Kirk Hammett signature tone for all In new 75W combo

75 Watt combo featuring Kirk's signature tones

The Randall Kirk Hammett KH75

PRESS RELEASE: Randall and UK distributor Sound Technology are pleased to announce the shipping of the all new Randall KH75, inspired and designed by Metallica Lead Guitarist Kirk Hammett.

Kirk made it very clear from the start of his work with Randall Amplifiers that he wanted to develop a full line of amplifiers that would provide fans his signature tone at any price point. Built using the same tone circuit as Kirk's MTS head, the new KH75 is a 2 Channel/3 Mode 75 Watt combo featuring Kirk's signature clean, rhythm and lead tones.

This portable powerhouse also features a single 12" Celestion® Seventy 80 speaker, spring reverb, series FX loop and footswitch. The amps EQ section also includes a 'Contour' control for dialing in that all important mid-range scoop, popularised by Metallica since their debut album 'Kill 'Em All'.

The Randall Kirk Hammett KH75 is available now at £373.75 RRP inc VAT.

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